How Can I Help

On election day, each precinct is required to have a Republican judge and at least one other Republican worker (usually two).  The party nominates these people to the Board of Elections.  Election Day is 6:15am to 7:45pm.  A judge should have previously worked in some capacity before.  Training is provided by the Board of Elections on-line AND by the party (both on-line and at HQ).

Early voting workers are hired directly by the Board of Elections, but the party can recruit and suggest workers.  Early voting is normally 6 days/week for the 2 weeks prior to election day.  Although the hours are long, normally workers are assigned in shifts.

All workers are paid by the county.

The goal is to make sure the rules are followed

Someone appointed by the party to watch the activity INSIDE a polling location, either on election day or at early voting.  Work is normally a 4-hour shift, there is no minimum number of days you can work.  If a poll observer sees a rule being broken, they note the issue and inform the chief judge.  If the judge does not correct the issue, the observer notifies the Election Integrity Office (via text) as soon as possible, with copies to the party chair.

A second type of observer watches the opening and processing of mail-in ballots at a weekly Board of Elections meeting.  These are normally afternoon meetings, weekly, once absentee ballots start arriving, and through a week AFTER election day.

The party will provide training:  Schedule not yet available

Your time is the best thing you can contribute! 
Hand out sample ballots at early Voting Locations.  We will supply ballots, T-shirts and a short training video.

Sign up for a 2 hr shift at any location, at busy times a second person is helpful.

1 person per slot...
?? Poll Workers

We will schedule Election Day later.

Also watch for suspicious activity, such as someone escorting multiple voters inside,
violations of the "no contact zone", illegal contact with curbside voters.  Report issues to the party chair.

We open HQ in Hickory to answer questions, hand out yard signs, take orders, sell merchandise and answer the phone.
Normally xx and yy 10am-4pm.  Close to the General Election we add zz and qq.

Flexible Scheduling as we get enough people to help.