Statewide Candidates

The General election will be held Nov 8, 2022. 

Federal Offices

U.S. Senator (Senator Burr is retiring)
   Ted Budd
, (Website)

U.S. Congressman D10  (district changed, see District Map - NC GOP Congressional District 10 )
   Patrick McHenry
, US Congress 10th District (Website)

State Legislature
NC Senate District 45 
   Dean Proctor
, NC Senate, District 45  no opposition 

NC House District 89
 Mitchell Smith Setzer, NC House, District 89 no opposition

NC House District 96
   Jay Adams
, NC House, District 96 no opposition

Judicial Offices
NC Supreme Court  (one incumbent is a Democrat, the other Democrat is retiring)

Judge Richard Dietz, Seat 3 (Website) (Bio) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Trey Allen, Seat 5 (Website) (Bio) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)

NC Court of Appeals  (4 at-large, 2 incumbents are Democrats)

Chief Judge, Donna Stroud, (incumbent) Seat 9 (Website) (Bio) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Judge John Tyson, (incumbent) Seat 10 (Website) (Bio) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Judge Michael Stading, Seat 11 (Website) (Bio) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Dr. Julee Flood, Seat 8 (Website) (Bio) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Local Races, click here